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Should I Still Be Worried About WannaCry Ransomware???

So you’re not hearing about the WannaCry Ransomware infection on TV every 5 mins.  Should you breathe a sigh of release that you’re out of the woods?  My name is Oliver I’m a System Engineer with Half Price Geeks, I recommend that you stay vigilant for future […]

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Does My Computer Have a Virus?

It’s not always easy to tell if your computer has been compromised. More than ever before, the authors of viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware are going to great lengths to hide their code and conceal what their programs are doing on an infected computer. That’s why it’s […]

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FBI Virus

  What Is The FBI Virus? The FBI virus is ransomware, a form of malware that holds computer systems hostage while posing as the FBI and claim a fine must be paid using payment platforms such as Green Dot Moneypak and Ukash Vouchers. In January 2012, Sean […]

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